Why Should I use PinDating?

Because Life Happens Around You

How does it work?

The best way to meet people is in the real world. We use location based AI to help guide our subscribers to be able to see who around them is single. 

When I see a Pin marker on my map letting me know someone is near, how do I find them?

When, and only when, you get close to any potential “someone”, a photo will show up, allowing you to identify who that person is.

Isn’t showing a photo like all the other dating apps?

Your photo on the app only appears on someone’s account if you are close by. We encourage you to look like you always do so others can identify you.

Other dating apps let me pick what I want in a person, why would I want this app?

Chemistry between two people CAN’T be loaded into an app, it can only happen in real life.  PinDating lets you meet that someone face to face.  You will know if that person is right for you.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t have approached them if you didn’t think you would like them.

Is PinDating for hookups?

Real people want to meet real people to form friendships and long lasting relationships.  Save the hook ups for those other apps. 

What if someone is single but not on the app?

That’s where you come in!  Tell your friends, colleagues, family…just tell everyone!  We offer incentives to spread the word and get on the app.  Before you know it, it will be as common on your phone as a music app.