Our Story

Because Life Happens Around You

The idea for the company came about when Bobbie, founder, found herself single again. She was not wearing a wedding ring. As an attractive person, even without the ring, everybody assumed she was taken and nobody would come up and talk to her.

She then thought, what about a symbol to show I am single?  She came up with the dating app idea called Single Symbol.  The app concept worked with jewelry or clothing that sported the single “S” message on it.

Fast forward…and the idea lead to something bigger and better!  What if there was an app that let you know people around you were single and looking to meet?  What if you could just look at your app, see if that “cute guy or girl over there” really is on the market? Why would you want to use an old dating app with a terrible outcome?

Introducing PinDating

The premise is simple. We want to provide single people a modern tool to get out of the online dating rut and go back to human interaction.